This is a hard-hitting 30 day intensive.

I will be cheering you on M-F each week with private email and FB messenger

access for daily acountability and check-ins.

In addition we will have:


   A preliminary 90 min. ZOOM intensive


   3x Weekly 40 min. Phone Calls


   1x 15 min. Follow-up call two weeks later


This is a good choice if:

   You don't want to do longer-term work and are ready to go all in


   You have some specific things you'd like to address around your wealth, pleasure, success, and ability to recieve.


   You are wanting to launch a specific aspect of your business


   You are ready and willing to do the deep work of MINDSET reprogramming, EMOTIONAL releasing, and BODY awareness


   You have tried to work through your worthiness stuff and it's still holding you back


   You're ready to LEAD and MOVE with FIRE


This is no joke 30 days full-on, but it it provides the results that come with that if you really dive in. Please note that the investment and exchange must be made in full before we start. Payment plans are available.