If Hogwarts, Harvard Business School, and the Divine Feminine Mysteries had a love-child... It would be this offering.

For women who wish to:

   Build sustainable, service-based, heart-centered businesses


   Disrupt the economic oppression of themselves and other women


   Step fully and authentically into leadership


   Save and transform their own lives and unleash their Priestess powers in a way that DEEPLY SERVES themselves and others!

Because you? You're gonna change the world.

And us? We're stronger together.

This is an empowering academy which teaches collaboration over competition, inclusion over aspirational branding, and authenticity over sugar-coating. 


Because we create the world we desire--and here?

Here, you'll be incubated to launch yourself into the stratosphere and impact the lives of countless others.

Do you have an idea brewing?

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Have you already been in business for a while, but are feeling stagnant?

Are you spending wayyy too much time looking around at what other people are doing and trying to figure it out??

...are you oscillating between feeling like you'be got it figured out, and then suddenly finding yourself wanting to curl up into a ball with a pint of ice cream and call it a quits?

I've got you, sister.

Rising cannot and should not be done in isolation

Community, support, encouragement, and no-holds-barred bullshit-calling required.


And, I'm here to hold your hand, along with and incredible group of other women all over the globe who are ready to crush it with soul, lead with heart, and light up the earth with their offerings.


Sound like you?

   Build your own empire without burning out


   Stop looking around for permission, validation, or how to do things--and instead learn to trust your inner wisdom.


   Receive intensive guidance and support on structural and energetic upleveling to bring  your gifts into the world


   Be trained in taking up space, becoming visible, and how to connect with others in a way that empowers rather than isolates

Whats incuded?

   TWO monthly video modules at 60 minutes each


   TWO monthly workbooks including writing assignments, introspection assignments, and active homework requiring you to DIG DEEPER


   TWO monthly Q+A calls


   Private Facebook community with additional support from Robin and the BABE TRIBE--including others she has trained in leadership and business building


   Unlimited 24/7 support in the group for all your questions


   Additional resources including reading assignments, meditations, physical movement suggestions and sacred cleansing practices.


  • Clearing space

  • Energetic clearing

  • Intention journaling

  • Beginning to set-up website and structures


  • BONUS: Alchemical Breath Healing

  • How to conduct private sessions

  • How to conduct group work

  • Self-care for female entrepreneurs and magic makers

  • Emotional catharsis and working through resistance


  • BONUS: Partner practice work [you will receive a buddy]

  • HEAL your limitations

  • Go deep into money stories and any traumas for clearing

  • Learning to RECEIVE

  • How to charge your worth and price your programs!

BONUS: Group Ceremony on Worthiness

BONUS: Website support and setting up PAYMENT SYSTEMS!

  • How to use social media effectively, pros and cons of platforms

  • Messaging 101

  • Authentic sharing

  • Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen


  • Nailing your NICHE

  • BONUS: Visibility practice in the group

  • Being of heart-centered service

  • Busting through blocks and objections

  • Standing in your truth and speaking about your work

  • Being MOVED by your MISSION!

  • Selling without manipulation, force, aggression and from SOUL


  • What you need in place for clients and your website!

  • How to keep your energy on point and NOT overgive! Or overwork!

  • Clearing practices to work with daily/weekly

  • How to deal with refunds or objections within containers and programs

  • Holding yourself to a high standard of ETHICS

  • BONUS: Negotiating press/interviews, book deals, and public speaking!

  • When should you hire, how should you hire/conduct the process, and HOW TO DELEGATE!

  • Nurturing a team + support system

  • Managing financial increases and investments

  • Structures and systems

  • SALES FUNNELS: What are they, do you need one, and how to build one out

  • BONUS: Staying Confident during Big Changes

  • Leading by example

  • Keeping Your Audience Engaged

  • Releasing What Doesn’t Serve [clients, programs, team members, ways of thinking]

  • Creating Your Inner Ally/Role Model

  • Growing your tribe personally and supporting other lady bosses

  • Not bending who you are to fit any molds!



Choose what is in your pleasure


[Including bonuses]

$5000 PAY  IN FULL

[save $1,000]

Or 10x $597 MONTHLY


(videos and workbooks)

...does not include FB group, Q+A calls, bonuses, added support or resources.

$2,200 PAY IN FULL

[save $800]

Or 10x $297 MONTHLY

PLUS: Pay in full at GODDESS level and recieve a bonus private session with Robin.

SIGN UP BEFORE DECEMBER 15th at the GODDESS level and receive TWO!!! Bonus group calls[one in December, one in January] to include preparation and energetic clearing for the group!

Prices go up by $1,000 on December 20th, 2017.

Can't wait to meet you and support you.