The Babe Collective

is a community & movement

founded by Robin Lee.


It was established as an in-person community and monthly gatherings in New York City in 2016, and grew to be a global digital offering including vast resources for the transformation and empowerment of women.

Robin is a trained master healer with certifications in Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and the like. She also has a dynamic background as an entrepreneur including being on the board for a 501(c)3 non-profit she founded at 23, having consulted for a multi-national fashion start-up in Paris, and writing for a prestigious meditation organization in Manhattan.

She has been engaging in studies with the Divine Feminine Mysteries and their present applications for nearly a decade, while also cultivating a body of work around the Alchemy of Trauma and the role of the archetypal energies of Priestess, Goddess, Witch and Sacred Prostitute on planet earth.

Robin has a Master’s degree from the American University of Paris and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Culture. She has an extensive background in branding, copywriting, marketing, public relations, grassroots organizing, and the politics of gender and identity.

She has worked and lived globally and has engaged in many life-enhancing adventures running the gamut from attending circus school in Nanterre to swimming in the Bay of Bengal to curating a full-scale Vegan chic fashion show during Paris Fashion week to climbing an active volcano in Bali.

In addition to being a mentor and healer, she is a prolific writer who loves to channel divine wisdom through the lens of adventure, rebellion, and laughter. Her work has been published at MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and she has been featured in The Daily Beast and Brooklyn Magazine. Her first book is due out with Penguin Random House [UK] late 2018.

She is a champion for women and girls [all identifying], but also for men and works with men in her 1:1 practice though they are not currently accepted for digital course enrollment unless otherwise noted.

The Babe Collective is a haven for awakening souls and high-frequency babes on a mission: to elevate themselves and the world around them.

Blessed Be.