This is the deepest dive I offer. I've had many people go on this journey with me to create incredible, life supporting and enhancing changes and creations that they will run with for years to come. We all deserve this kind of support in our lives, and I know that without consistent presence of someone who was a few steps ahead of me i would never have been able to create and sustain myself at the level I do these days.


Often we are reluctant to seek out support and often we are finally pushed to do some in some of the most trying or pressure-filled transformational times of our lives. If this is resonating with you, then I'm speaking to you.

This package includes:

   A preliminary 2 HOUR Zoom intensive where we will set goals, create an outline for our time, and dive deep into what is coming up for you.


   2 x monthly 45-60 minute calls for accountability, check-in, and ongoing transformation.


   A 15 minute emergency call to be used whever tough stuff is coming up


   UNLIMITED M-F email and FB messenger support


   Support and accountability for the duration of our six months together

This is a good choice for you if:

   You are ready to finally make lasting changes in your life


   You are ready to be held accountable to changing your thoughts and behaviors


   You are ready to release resistance around calling in a huge, epic life and having an impact


   You are building a business or wanting to start one OR you are going through a huge life transition


   You are motivated and have got your own back too!


   You know the time is always NOW


   You are ready for a life-changing journey and POWERFUL ascension through the Divine Feminine Mysteries and arts of emotional alchemy, orgasmic manifestation, learning to CONJURE instead of FORCE and moving from BURNT OUT to LIT UP!


Payment plans available with deposit