This is the middle road, where you don't feel called to do six months just yet, but know that a 30 day deep dive won't be enough to sustain you. Over the course of three months together, we will meet weekly to check-in on where you're going, keep you accountable, and immerse you in daily and weekly practices to uplevel your frequency, finances, health, wellness, pleasure, and success.


This offering will catapult in you into the next levels of your existence through holding you to serious internal emotional alchemy, undoing conditioning of your mind and bodily responses, and deeply training yourself to receive with grace and lead with light.


This is a good choice for you if:

   You know you're a Priestess on fire and you're freaking READY to UNLEASH it!


   You want to cover the bases of confidence, sexuality, personal power, sustainable leadership/business growth/personal master in a woven fashion which allows for the FEMENINE way of healing and acension[a spiral, NOT a line!]


   You know you are READY and MADE for MORE and you're open to it NOW!


   You have already done some work on yourself and ready to be shot out of a canon


   You know the kind of deep emotional and physical catharsis that can take place when shifting into a higher frequency/vibration and you welcome it!


  You are a no holds barred woman...and you're here to live like you mean it <3


Payment plans available with deposit